My 2017 Eclipse Trip


My Total Solar Eclipse Adventure In 1998 (I think), I booked a cruise on a Carnival ship, that was sold as being an “eclipse cruise”. It was my first solar eclipse, and I was eager to spend some time with fellow astronomy buffs and eclipse chasers, and enjoy my recent freedom. I was recently out of […]

Thailand Vacation: Phuket

Our 3rd stop in Thailand was Phuket. Like most of the major tourist spots, Phuket depends heavily on partying and the sex trade, along with some nice island trips. Ping Pong Shows I’d read up on these while in Pattaya, but we didn’t partake. But, Michelle was curious (so was I, but I swear, she […]

The Heat Of course, Thailand is hot. We were told on a tour that Thailand has 3 seasons: “hot”, “really hot”, and “really, really hot”. We were there during the “really hot” season. In Bangkok, the high was over 100ºF during the day, and maybe 80ºF at night. In Phuket it was a little cooler, […]

Thailand Vacation: Pattaya

Pattaya’s Beach Road Party Scene Pattaya is about the party. Beach road, which our hotel was just a couple of blocks from, is the red light scene. It’s full of bars with “workers”, and there are “independent” workers on the street. On our first night, Michelle was checking out some things for sale while I got […]

Thailand Vacation: Bangkok

Michelle and I took a trip to Thailand. We first spent 3 days in Bangkok. Thailand is hot in general, and Bangkok was especially hot. We heard that Thailand has three seasons, “hot”, “really hot”, and “really, really hot”. We were there during the “really hot” season. The hotel we stayed at was pretty upscale […]