J. Finley’s Recovery from Injury and NFL Retirement

I like people stories, especially people who I find such interesting lives, compared to mine.

I loved watching Jermichael Finley play. He was one of the best Packers Tight Ends I’ve seen. When he wasn’t resigned by the Packers after his spinal injury, I wasn’t happy because he made the team so much better, and he’d be hard to replace. I remember reading about him working out and hoping to make another team, and I hoped it could happen, and maybe he could even be a Packer again.

I’m glad he didn’t get signed by the Packers, or anyone else. I’m glad he found something more important than playing football. I’m mostly glad that he’s healthy again, and I hope the hits he took while he was playing do not come back to haunt him in the future.

“They Basically Reset My Brain”

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